As a business, we are deeply embedded in our sector. Our relationships with key stakeholders and our reputation for discretion mean we are ideally positioned to find the talented people you need to turn your business vision and strategy into reality.


You should never underestimate the power of the six degrees of separation – the theory that suggests everyone in the world is only six introductions away from each other. Of course, in practice, some people are more connected than others and it is the ‘very connected’ who make the introductions and give the theory value. Utility People is one such very connected entity, with a significant network of senior executives in the energy, water and utilities industries.

We listen and deliver

Our executive search division has grown organically due to the dramatic success we have had in finding the best executive talent to fill top roles in the industry. Beating more established search firms, we have won prestigious industry briefs, with customers preferring our in-depth understanding of the technical, cultural and industry-specific challenges they are facing. We understand their unique requirements, they recognise the breadth of our knowledge and our network of stakeholders and together we have achieved a 100% success rate to date for our customers.